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WOW Theater of Pain: New Shadowlands Alpha Dungeon with Five Bosses

Time: 07/13/20

Have you accessed to the new WOW Theater of Pain dungeon in Shadowlands Alpha? It's in the Maldraxxus and contains five bosses. You can read below to learn more details about this new dungeon as well as bosses. 

Test WOW Theater of Pain dungeon in Shadowlands Alpha 

Theater of Pain is a new dungeon revealed in Shadowlands Alpha. It's located in the center of Maldraxxus and is the home of Necrolord Covenant. And Theater of Pain is the only dungeon in the Shadowlands expansion with five bosses. 
Now this new dungeon can be able to test in Shadowlands Alpha. And players at level 50 can access to Theater of Pain on Normal difficulty, and level 60 players can be able to this new dungeon on Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ difficulties. 

Bosses & loots included in WOW Theater of Pain dungeon 

There are totally five bosses contained in Theater of Pain dungeon, and each of them has unique drops, such as: 
1. An Affront of Challengers
Vest of Concealed Secrets  
Galvanized Oxxein Legguards  
Dessia's Decimating Decapitator  
Plague-Licked Amice  
Amphitheater Stalker's Hood  
Bloodoath Signet  
Vial of Vampiric Essence
2. Gorechop
Abdominal Securing Chestguard  
Grips of Overwhelming Beatings  
Contaminated Gauze Wristwraps  
Viscera of Coalesced Hatred  
Fleshfused Circle
3. Xav the Unfallen
Pit Fighter's Wristguards  
Gorebound Predator's Gavel  
Fleshcrafter's Knife  
Fearless Challenger's Leggings  
Xav's Pike of Authority  
Triumphant Combatant's Chainmail  
Gorestained Cleaver
4. Kul'tharok
Soulsewn Vestments  
Ritual Bone Band  
Soulletting Ruby  
Girdle of Shattered Dreams  
Boots of Shuddering Matter 
5. Mordretha, the Endless Empress
Unyielding Combatant's Pauldrons  
Ring of Perpetual Conflict  
Deathwalker's Promise  
Fallen Empress' Cord  
Grim Codex  
Barricade of the Endless Empire  
Vanquished Usurper's Footpads

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