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WOW Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank Rising in Shadowlands Mythic+

Time: 01/12/21

WOW Vengeance Demon Hunter rises into a new dominant Tank in Shadowlands Mythic+. This is due to the damage reduction abilities, cooldowns and large HP pool. More details can be learned below. 

WOW Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank mitigation in Shadowlands Mythic+ 

In general, the reason of Vengeance Demon Hunter being a significant Tank is their number of overwhelming number of cooldowns and generally large HP pool. Besides, Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank also has different mitigation abilities, including: 
1. Demon Spikes: increasing your armor, and Parry Chance by 15%. It has 2 charges and 20 sec recharge.  
2. Metamorphosis: increasing health by 50% and armor by 200% as well as increasing resource generation. It has 3 minute cooldown.  
3. Fiery Brand: reduce damage taken by 40%.
4. Demonic Wards: reducing all damage taken by 15% damage.  
5. Thick Skin: 65% Stamina and 100% Armor. 

More reason of the rise of WOW Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank 

On top of that, Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank turning dominant in Shadowlands Mythic+ is also due to these reasons: 
1. Demonic: allowing for more Metamorphosis uptime, once a minute. 
2. Combining Burning Alive, Agonizing Flames and Charred Flesh can give a 40% damage reduction with a rather high uptime to all creatures in the pack.  
   - Charred Flesh: making Immolation Aura increase the duration of Fiery Brand.  
   - Agonizing Flames: increasing the uptime on Immolation Aura.  
   - Burning Alive: making Fiery Brand spread to all nearby targets.  
3. Fiery Soul Legendary Power: reducing the cooldown of Fiery Brand greatly, especially with the Fel Defender Conduit.

All in all, WOW Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank abilities are introduced here. By the way, buy WOW gold cheap at our site anytime. 

The WOWClassicGP Team