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WOW Windwalker Monks Changes Coming to Shadowlands Beta This Week

Time: 09/24/20

It has been confirmed that WOW Windwalker Monks will have some adjustments and bug fixes in this week's Shadowlands Beta, including Energizing Elixir, Weapons of Order and more. Below you can learn the detailed changes as well as other works in progress.     

Upcoming WOW Windwalker Monks changes 

Based on the latest Blue Post, we know that Blizzard has made some updates for Windwalker Monks which will be available in the Shadowlands Beta this week, including: 
1. Remove Energizing Elixir from the global cooldown. 
2. Increase Spining Crane Kick's damage up to 60% for up to 6 unique targets struck by Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, or Rising Sun Kick. 
3. Haste now influences the periodic of Crackling Tiger Lightning.
4. Redesign Weapons of Order:
  - Increase your Mastery by 13% for the next 30 seconds.
  - Rising Sun Kick now reduces Chi costs by 1 for 5 seconds.
  - Blackout Kick now reduces the cooldown of affected abilities by an additional 1 second.
5. Now Faeline Stomp can deal Nature damage to targets in front of the Monk while casting, and can deal additional damage to targets caught in the Faelines.

WOW Windwalker Monks bug fixes upcoming 

Apart from the changes above, Blizzard also fixes the bugs for Windwalker Monks in this week's Beta Build, like:
1. The bug where Rising Sun Kick and Whirling Dragon Punch aren't contributing to Xuen's Empowered Lightning is fixed.
2. Rising Sun Kick Rank 2 has been restored and increases the damage of Rising Sun Kick by 70%.
What's more, Blizzard is also working on the balance concerns related to Windwalker Monks's dual wield and 2 handed weapons, and many bugs about Storm, Earth and Fire. 

In a word, learn WOW Windwalker Monks changes and bug fixes from us. One more thing, don't forget to buy cheap WOW gold at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team